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Model choice Walkstool is right for you.
To help you choose the suitable model for you, we want to give you some general guidelines depending on how you want to use Walkstool and depending on your height and weight.
The most notable differences between WS COMFORT compared to WS BASIC is the larger seat sizes of mesh material and the oversized rubber feet which increase of surface support on softer ground.
Please bare in mind that a chair you use in kitchen and dining rooms normally have a sitting height of 45 cm/18in.

Short summary
WS BASIC : Best value for money.
WS COMFORT : Outstanding comfort independent of owners age and weight.

We make the following recommendations:

Height below 180 cm/6 ft:
WS Comfort 45/18, 55/22 or WS Basic 50/20.

Height above 180 cm/6ft:
WS Comfort 55/22, 65/26 or WS Basic 60/24. For hunters and very tall people (over 190 cm/6ft,4in), WS Comfort 65 will be a good option.
If have difficulty getting up from a normal chair, you can of course benefit from a higher model than your height indicates.

Ordinary weight:
WS Comfort and WS Basic.

Bigger people:
WS Comfort 65/26 or Comfort 55/22. When weight is around or more than 150 kg/330lbs we recommend WS Comfort 65/26, which is the strongest model and has the biggest seat size.

Not using Walkstool very often but wanting something portable to sit on:
WS BASIC offers quality and value for money.

Using Walkstool often or wanting high comfort:
We consider the WS Comfort 65/26 being the ultimate choice. This model and WS Comfort 55/22 are the King and Queen of 3-legged stools. You will not regret buying them. With very big seat sizes, you can sit on them for hours.

Professional users like electricians, installers and service technicians:
We recommend WS COMFORT 45/18 or WS COMFORT 55/22 depending on your height. The alternative is WS BASIC 50, but the bigger rubber feet on the COMFORT models are essential when working in a low position with legs retracted on a slippery surface like a normal floor.
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