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Wildlife cameraman and TV presenter Simon King is a Walkstool fan, read his review here:

I am extremely please with the Walkstool (Comfort 55) and it well worth the money. I am now starting to send my reviews (very positive) to various German Magazines. I will also send to some english Diabetes and other appropriate Magazines.

Best regards,
Nigel Trewartha
Rietberg, Germany

I just wanted to take some time and tell you how much I love the walkstool. I use it on everything I shoot from weddings to kids sports. Over the years of shooting and playing I have tore up my knees and shoulders. I attach the walkstool with a bungee to my bag and away I go.
You can never seem to find a place to rest when you need it and I always have it with me. With the walkstool I always have a seat. I now have two one for me and one for my wife. She loves it too.

Tim Smith

As a news photographer for a daily newspaper in Vancouver, BC, my days are unpredictable and diverse. The job demands I am on my feet reacting quickly to situations as they arise. But when assignments and time allows, and I can sit down, I chose the Walkstool. The Walkstool is small, collapsible and light enough to fit in a back pack, slung over a shoulder or carried unobtrusively in my trunk. The Walkstool is sturdy and well built as well as comfortable. When shooting soccer from the sidelines or filing pictures from the field, the Walkstool can't be beat.

Jason Payne
Staff Photographer
Pacific Newspaper Group
Vancouver, BC

Talk about the ultimate chair!! The Walkstool is a great product and if you're like me who carries a ton of gear around for astronomy from the house to the car and off to the observing site, it is portable enough to do the job. I was able to fit this thing in my back jean pocket legs first, while carrying my gear out to the car. Obviously making it nice for the return home and unloading on those cold nights. It is extremely light it weighs less than my 35mm Stratus eyepiece and durable enough that I lay my telescope in its case including my accessories case on top of it when setting my CG5 mount and counter weights on to the tripod. It has a built in strap for belt or clip use and not to mention it can be disassembled into its components if needed for parts replacement.
During my observing session through the telescope a flip of the mirror diagonal, and wala upright seated position. When doing a walk around all the telescopes at our site it sure is nice to pick up my chair as if it were a pillow taking it with me for the comfort. There is nothing like durability and portability. On a scale of 1-10 it's a 10. Two thumbs up.

Peter Parrotta

As a newspaper photographer I regularly find myself standing around and waiting for events to happen. The WalkStool is a compact and portable device that I can take anywhere which gives me an instant chair when I feel the need to take a load off my feet. I have used similar camp-style folding chairs but none have even come close to the durability of the WalkStool. The WalkStool is one of the most useful devices made, especially for photographers carrying a load of heavy gear around all day.

Larry Wong
Staff Photographer
The Edmonton Journal
(Newspaper Photographer for 28 years)

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