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Does your work have you working close to the ground for extended periods of time ?
Technicians Stool Cartoon Protect your employees and yourself

If you often work squatting, you increase your risk that in time you will suffer from backaches, sore knees and joint problems, you may already be suffering from these problems. Now Walkstool can take care of the problem. Walkstool is small, light and easy to carry. It's steady and comfortable when you sit on it especially when working close to the ground. Sit on Walkstool with the telescopic legs retracted.

Recommended by health specialists
The physiotherapy course in Copenhagen, Denmark has tested the Walkstool at one of Denmark's largest installation companies.
Two sitting positions

The telescopic legs make for two seat heights. One with the legs retracted, the other with the legs extended. This unique stool, invented and made in Sweden uses the best materials available and is and equipped with a high tech mesh breathable seat. Made especially for anyone forced to work often in uncomfortable positions. Recommended by physiotherapists and should be seen as piece of work equipment. Invest now for the future, work healthier and longer your knees and back will thank you for it.
Tried and tested over years in 40 work places in Sweden, now available in Canada by Back pain cartoon

Well Tested

Everybody who has tried Walkstool agrees that it has a positive effect on the work posture in positions where their knees and back are put under strain.
• Walkstool is small and can therefore be used in confined places.
• Walkstool is easy to take with you, which increases usage.
• Walkstool is adjustable in height, which means that it fits in most of the more demanding work postures that can arise in the everyday life of a skilled worker.
Electrian using Walkstool Cartoon

Back pain cartoon
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