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Walkstool, perfect for every moment!!
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Walkstool is perfect for every moment. When you go just for a walk and would like to take a break. If you play golf, hunt, fish and you would like to sit for a while waiting. If you go to concerts, and wait in ticket lines, or even outside the passport office before your trip. Walkstool can be with you helping your down time be a bit more enjoyable. If you travel, it can travel with you. If you are an installer and need to carry out service work and need to be close to ground level Walkstool is there. There are hundreds of reasons for owning a Walkstool and thousands of uses, one is perfect for you.
Walkstool Golfing CartoonSmall, Comfortable, Affordable

It need not be large, heavy and uncomfortable; it has to be just the opposite. Walkstool is able to transform itself from a portable package to a steady and comfortable seat. The transformation so easy to carry out that a child can manage it.Walkstool Fishing Cartoon
Walkstool PhotographersAttractive and good value

In addition, it is attractive and affordable. It serves as the perfect gift to someone you care for. Now you can buy that genuine Swedish invention, the only one of its kind. Made with telescopic legs of aluminum and a seat of high tech material that has been tested at "Swedish National Testing and Research Institute", managing a load of between 225-425 kg / 495-935 lbs. It carries the English name Walkstool as people all over the world are looking for the same solution to the same problem.
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Walkstool Hunting CartoonWalkstool, unique in function and design. Walkstool is a unique product. No other stool fulfils all these requirements at the same time: it should stand steadily (three legs), be comfortable to sit on for long periods (ergonomically designed seat), last for years and years (quality in every detail). Walkstool can be bought in stores for outdoor, sport, hunting and fishing etc. The Volvo Scandinavian Masters and the Vasa ski race have chosen to buy Walkstool as a corporate gift. Companies can have their logotype or company name exposed on the seat. If you have difficulty getting hold of the "stool that walks", tell your local retailer and we're sure they will order some.


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