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Can I lock the lower legs of Walkstool ?
Instructions to lock lower legs of Walkstool, Comfort and Luxe models.
To lock the lower legs when not using Walkstool, twist the legs so they are locked by the rubber feet being close together. To use Walkstool, do the opposite and you unlock the lower legs.

How did Walkstool get its name?
Walkstool's name came from the fact that you can attach the Walkstool to your belt or any other strap and walk hands free. In other words, Walkstool is the stool that will walk with you. To attach Walkstool to your belt simply thread the closing strap through your belt or through a belt loop and then snap the button.

Where is Walkstool made?
The Walkstool Comfort is designed and made in Sweden. The Walkstool Basic is designed in Sweden and assembled in China.

What is Walkstool made of ?
The two primary materials used to construct Walkstool are commercial grade anodized aluminum and heavy-duty nylon mesh.

Why does Walkstool have such high maximum weight capacities?
Are they really necessary?

One group of people Walkstool was originally designed for was the electricians, service technicians and skilled workers. These workers needed a light, compact and heavy-duty stool they could carry in their tool bag and use on the job site on a daily basis. The other reason Walkstool' high maximum weight capacities are so important is to insure that the owner of a Walkstool can feel confident using their Walkstool. Most folding stools have a maximum weight capacity of 100kg / 200-225 lbs. If these lower capacity stools are tested they are tested inside a building, on a flat, hard, level surface. If these stools are put into reality such as use on an uneven or soft surface the stools break. The primary reason for the low capacity stools failing is whenever any three-legged stool is used on an uneven or soft surface two of the legs are taking on more of the user's weight, because the weight is not being distributed evenly. The stool then fails, due to the stool is not built strong enough to take an uneven distribution of weight.

Who conducts the weight capacity testing for the Walkstool?
The Walkstool' weight capacity testing is conducted by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.

How do I act if Walkstool brakes within 12 months from my purchase and it is not due to misuse?
You can contact the seller and have the receipt with you and replace the Walkstool or just change a lower leg if that is the problem. Another alternative is to contact us directly via email provide us proof of date of purchase, the model number, where you bought it, what the problem is, your email address. We will send you free of charge the spare part, or if Walkstool is to be replaced we will arrange for a replacement. If your damage is not a found to be a warranty issue you can order spare parts from us.

What to do if the lower leg detaches when retracting it?
It can happen if you pull the legs out too quickly. In those cases there is no problem putting the lower leg back by pushing on both red buttons at the same time. It is the same procedure when releasing the lower leg to wash it and then replacing it. This problem will not affect the security of sitting on Walkstool but always ensure that the red lock button is in the correct position and is visible after extending the telescopic legs to obtain normal seat height.

By what do you mean " Walkstool has two sitting positions"?
The reason being is you can also sit on Walkstool without extending the telescopic legs. This gives a perfect position for professional users like electricians, installers and service technicians etc, when working in low positions close to the ground. Many of these workers have problems with their knees, and lower back . Walkstool can reduce the pressure on the knees and back with up to 70% compared with using knee pads. They can also sit on Walkstool with extended legs when working in medium height instead of having one knee in the ground or bending their back. Perfect again for people out on picnics, painting fences, washing cars. Working with their motor cycle or weeding the garden or just about anything you can think of. Walkstool is perfect for every moment. Sitting in low position takes only couple of minutes to master, but results in years of healthier knees and backs.

What is the difference between Walkstool and other cheaper 3-legged stool? Why is Walkstool more expensive?
Walkstool is the only 3-legged stool in the world with telescopic legs (with patents and trademark protection), which not only makes it compact and easy to carry but also offers two sitting heights. It is made of aluminum to make it light, but yet strong enough. Laboratory tests on plain surface indicate that WS Comfort 65cm/26in, which is the strongest of the models, took 425 kg/935lbs of downward pressure before it broke. We are not on the market to compete with 3-legged stools that you can buy 1/10 th price as our Swedish models. We are on the market to sell the best 3-legged stool on earth (we are confident we do) to people that appreciate a product they can live with year after year.

Which Walkstool do you recommend for professional usage such as for service technicians or electricians?
For anyone that is going to use the Walkstool extensively in the lower position (kneeling height) we recommend the Comfort 45/18 or Comfort 55/22.

Can I use my Walkstool as a portable step stool?
No. It is not safe to attempt to stand on any three-legged stool.

Can Walkstool be used in the sand?
Yes, the Walkstool can be used in the sand. Because the Walkstool never needs any oil or lubricants it can be used in the sand. The Comfort models have special legs tips, which are designed to resist sinking in the sand or other soft surfaces.

Are there any instructions for the use and maintenance of a Walkstool?
To extend the Walkstool legs slowly pull the legs down until the red safety button is visible and locks into position. Once the three legs are locked into place the Walkstool is ready to be sat upon. As with any three-legged stool the proper way to sit on the Walkstool is with one of the three seat points between your legs (like sitting on a bicycle seat). To retract the Walkstool's legs push in the red safety button, while pushing the Walkstool's legs back towards the seat. Please do not attempt to stand on the Walkstool, due to its three legged design it is not safe to stand on the Walkstool. As for maintenance, Walkstool never requires oil or lubricants; they are designed to work dry. If your Walkstool gets extremely dirty, you can remove the legs and wipe them down with a clean dry cloth. The legs can be removed by pushing the red safety button and pulling out the legs, after the legs are in the extended position.

Where to get information on how to buy Walkstool?
You can find sellers of the walkstool on the retailers page, or via our online store.

Should I buy Swedish Comfort models or the Basic models assembled in China?
It depends how often you are using Walkstool, where you use it and what your budget is. If you want the best in the world with highest quality and seat comfort, you should choose a Comfort model depending on your height and weight. If you are slim, the Comfort (40% bigger seat size than normal) 45/18 and 55/22 could be the best choice even if also slim people love Comfort 65/26 if they are tall (80% bigger than normal) due to seat comfort. On wet grass or out in forest the Comfort models are outstanding due to large rubber feet that increase the support surface area. The Basic models have the same concept with telescopic legs of aluminum and same weight. The main differences are smaller seat of polyester and normal plastic feet.

What do I do if the lower legs on Walkstool have a tendency to come out when walking around with Walkstool attached to my body?
If you have older models of Walkstool (45 cm or 55 cm) or Walkstool Basic, then it's nothing to do but to avoid having Walkstool attached to your body with lower legs down.
If you have models Comfort or Luxe with bigger rubber feet, do as follows: lock the lower legs when not using Walkstool by twisting the upper legs, locking the lower legs by the rubber feet being close together. The newer Walkstool Comfort models have also a practical pouch for storage and carriage.
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